Series : Andante

1-bowl sink with drainer - graphite

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Available options:

780 mm
490 mm
180 mm
For cabinet
600 mm
Sink model
1 bowl
Pop-up waste

Product designed

Michał Łój

Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, Department of Industrial Forms. He draws inspiration from futurist forms typical for the high-tech industry and racing cars. He has designed for companies operating in the ... more

Spare parts

Features of the selected product

  • zlewozmywak_20.jpgRepeals water particles
  • gwarancja_10.jpgGuarantee 10 years*
  • wyprodukowany_pl.jpgMade in Poland
  • wiecej_modeli.jpgMore models in a series
  • produkt_projektowany.jpgDesigned product
  • zlewozmywak_18.jpgSpace-saving siphon
  • zlewozmywak_2.jpgResistant to impacts
  • zlewozmywak_3.jpgResistant to high temperature (250°C)
  • zlewozmywak_4.jpgResistant to thermal shock
  • zlewozmywak_5.jpgResistant to stains
  • zlewozmywak_6.jpgPop-up waste
  • zlewozmywak_7.jpgOverflow in bowl
  • zlewozmywak_21.jpgFabryczny otwór pod baterię
  • zlewozmywak_10.jpgConnection to dish-washer
  • zlewozmywak_15.jpgInset sink
  • zlew_odwracalny.jpgReversible kitchen sink
  • nagrody_23.jpgDiamond of the Furniture Industry 2016
  • nagrody_27.jpgMust Have 2016

Product description

Projekt Andante


At Deante we have been already watching the changing tastes and needs of users for 25 years. Based on our experience, we have introduced two collections of granite sinks – Andante and Rapido. What draws the attention are the avant-garde draining boards while the deep, enlarged chambers guarantee comfort. With the best-quality material of the precious granite mix, sinks will serve for many years to come.


The dynamic lines of the draining board are the hallmark of the Andante series. Resembling origami and paper air planes, curvatures provide a perfect contrast for the solid block of granite.

reveals Michał Łój

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