Arnika titanium-the-shapes of nature ...

Arnika titanium-the-shapes of nature and the colour of the earth

2020-11-06 12:47:38

Harmonious, delicate, minimalist... and above all beautiful and intriguing - this is what Arnika line inspired by Danish hygge and love for... nature is. This well-known and prised series of taps by Deante has just gained a new version of finish - the majestic Titanium. We guarantee that you will not walk past it indifferently!


Earth tones, the flavour of the month!

For several seasons now, hygge and wabi-sabi styles have been playing an increasingly important role in the design. The former originates from Denmark and puts maximum emphasis on the comfort, functionality and "cosiness" of our interiors, while the latter, coming from Japan, highlights the importance of what is diverse, authentic, nostalgic and modest. And although it may seem that there are many differences between these 2 styles, there is one common denominator - a clear inspiration from nature and its colours.

Grey, brown and black in one

Earth tones, because that's what this style is called, is a palette of colours ranging from sandy, through beige, grey, to all sorts of browns and dark, olive greens, which will fit perfectly into any interior. The popularity of earthy colours has not missed the bathrooms, and one of the simplest ways to emphasize them is to choose the right fittings.


Titanium is the latest finishing version of the Arnika collection. It is harmony and ferocity in one! The titanium shade is elegant and noble, and, at the same time, it draws heavily on natural colours. It is a spectacular compromise between grey, dark graphite, black, anthracite and even a delicate shade of brown - so it shimmers with almost all the colours of the earth! This unusual mixture is intriguing and mysterious, and in combination with the delicate, rounded shapes of the Arnika taps it makes the whole coherent.


Titanium is also an optimal solution for those who do not want to go for the classic chrome finish, but at the same time want to try something different than the increasingly popular matt black. Not to mention that the Titanium variant is also an excellent answer to the loft trend combining hot and cold colours or different materials and textures.

Anyway ... just look how dignified and elegant it presents itself. It pleases the eye and does not let you take your eyes off of it, does it?

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