Capella- a collection of innovative ...

Capella- a collection of innovative glass sinks

2017-02-28 11:25:16

Glass permanently entered into our interiors and that is why we have decided to use it in an untypical way. A collection of hybrid Capella glass sinks is a combination of modern glass with elegant granite. The series focuses attention by its modern printings as well as by its colors- minimalist white and deep black.

Capella zlewozmywak Deante czarne szkło
Michał Łój, the author of the collection, has contrasted a cold, shiny glass panel with natural and velvety to the touch raw material. High quality of the materials used in the process of production guarantees a long-term and trouble-free exploitation.

Capella consists of two elements- a glass panel and a granite bowl, joined by a permanent adhesive with improved resistance. The upper part is made of 8-milimeter tempered glass with a 5-fold higher resistance than standard glass. A laminating layer placed on the underside of the glass ensures extra protection.The bowl, whose lift capacity amounts to 40kg, is made of a mixture of granite and resin with metallic particles. Its surface is covered with an antiseptic coating protecting against the growth of microorganisms. Granite is resistant to mechanical damage, scratches, high temperatures and thermal shock.

Simple form and nobility of materials are complemented by High Definition graphics. Designs are applied directly onto the glass, which protects them from UV rays and external factors. The collection has been designed with an eye on personalization - the increasingly popular direction in interior decoration. The sink can be self-composed by selecting three different elements: the glass panel, the color of the bowl and the finishing of the edges- all this gives up to 36 combinations!Individualization of the collection allows you to choose a composition that will contrast or harmonize with your kitchen interior. What's more, the products perfectly match the very fashionable household appliances with glass fronts.

Users can choose from 4 designs: a honeycomb-like overprint, concrete blocks theme, graphic pattern with the names of capitals, and a minimalist bar code. The collection is supplemented by two monocolors - black and white. Thanks to polishing, the rims ofour sinks are smooth and safe to use. The offer includes the edges in two finishes- trapezoidal cut (diamond finishing) and round cut (zero finishing). In case of the zero finishing it is possible to use the flush-mount type of assembly. A flat drainer is perfect to mount it over household appliances (eg. a dishwasher, washing machine or a wine cooler).

Deep bowls of Capella sinks make it easier to wash big pots, as well to fill tall dishes with water. Moreover, the glass drainer is easy to keep clean. The smooth sheet of glass is anideal place to save notes with a dry-erase pen, which can be simply removed with a paper towel. The glass surface is useful when kneading dough and putting down hot pots. Products are equipped with siphons of special design, called space-savers, which allow you to gain additional space in a sink cabinet, e.g. for baskets or detergents.

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