Deante Alpinia - a complete bathroom ...

Deante Alpinia - a complete bathroom solution

2019-01-02 15:32:19

Many people dream about completing all bathroom equipment during one shopping. Thanks to this, they not only save valuable time but also make sure that the selected elements will perfectly match one another. It is best then to choose one collection including everything that is needed in the bathroom: taps, a rain shower or a flush-mounted set and a shower cabin.

When looking for comprehensive bathroom equipment, it is worth paying attention to the Alpinia collection from Deante, which includes twenty perfectly matching products. They all have a minimalist and elegant design, which will be perfect for most modern interiors.

Parawan nawannowy i deszczownia Alpinia, umywalka Gardenia, bateria Alpinia
Parawan nawannowy i deszczownia Alpinia, umywalka Gardenia, bateria Alpinia

In this collection, the owners of traditional bathrooms will find a bath rain shower and a glass bath screen. In limited bathroom space, this perfect solution will allow us to reconcile the place for long baths with a quick shower zone. In the Alpinia bath rain shower, the issue of switching the flow of water between the spout and the shower was solved in a very interesting way. While showering, the spout is folded parallel to the wall, thanks to which we gain some additional space in the bath and we avoid painful hitting the tap with a knee. To fill the tub, just turn the spout towards you - then the water will flow right through it. Alpinia foldable bath screens are available in two dimensions, so they can be adjusted to the size of the tub and individual preferences.


The collection also includes other solutions for the shower area. The supporters of shower cabins have been offered square or semi-circular models, with a width of 80 or 90 cm. Thanks to their small size, they can be installed even in small bathrooms. The doors on specially constructed hinges open both inwards and outwards, which is very convenient and protects the floor against getting wet. Alpinia cabins are made of 6 mm thick safety glass with an Active Cover coating which facilitates the flow of water, thanks to which they do not require frequent cleaning.

Active Cover is a coating thanks to which the surface of the pane repels water and dirt, boosting its flow. As a result, there are no limescale deposits or streaks inside the cabin or on a bath screen. This means that cleaning is not only easier but most of all far less needed.

Bateria Alpinia, umywalka Gardenia
Bateria Alpinia, umywalka Gardenia

The buckle connecting the individual parts of the bathroom are usually taps in a consistent style. Of course, they could not be missing in the Alpinia collection. The characteristic round shape and flat surfaces of handles and spouts are both elegant and extraordinary. Small size and flattened bodies of wall-mounted models allow comfortable use of the series even in very small rooms. All taps are covered by a 7-year warranty period.


Recently, interior design trends have represented a variety of interpretations of minimalism. Its personification consists of concealed taps, which make each bathroom not only more elegant but thanks to hiding unnecessary elements also easier to keep clean. The Alpinia collection includes a flush-mounted basin tap and a shower set.

Simple shapes, neutral colours, and ergonomics of use are elements that play a very important role in the bathroom equipment. That is why the Alpinia collection is a great way to arrange space which will be voguish and glamorous for many subsequent seasons.

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