Linear drains. Reliability and elegance ...

Linear drains. Reliability and elegance

2021-06-21 09:30:48

Modern linear drains – which one should you choose and what to pay attention to? Check available options and find out about the advantages of the new linear drains in our offer.

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Advantages of bathroom drains and their types

Minimalistic – linear and slot drains are a solution that enthusiasts of modern spaces eagerly reach for. These drains not only allow to maintain the uniform character of the arrangement, but are also easy to clean. They are characterized by an elegant and aesthetic appearance, and above all, they allow you to resign from installing shower trays.

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The use of a floor drain instead of a shower tray, allows you to arrange a cabin of any size or shape (including corner and walk-in types). It eliminates the difference in levels and the dangerous border between the wet and dry zone, which will be appreciated by everyone who enjoys a comfortable and safe showering.

Slot drains – new


The current offer of linear drains (wall and floor) has just been supplemented by our slot drains. In this type of drains, the water flows into the gaps on the border of the grate with the gutter edge, which allows for an even more uniform, minimalist character of the arrangement. Deante slot drains are also very easy to install, easy to clean, and also ecological.

Slotted drains are installed similarly to other modern bathroom drains. After proper leveling, floor profiling and waterproofing, you can start laying tiles on the floor. The set includes two flat bars that elegantly mask the edge of the cut tile.

If you need to clean the drain or get to the gutter to retrieve your lost jewelry, just remove the steel grate.

In order not to inconvenience users with assembly, to ensure the aesthetic appearance of the cabin and to reduce the amount of waste, we offer several ready-made sizes - 70, 80 and 90 cm. That way, you do not have to cut the product, and we operate in accordance with our pro-ecological less waste policy.



In case of our slot drain, you get a product entirely made of stainless steel, unlike other drains of this type available on the market and equipped only with a steel mask. It is especially important when searching for high-quality, durability and elegant appearance of your bathroom for many years.

Proper floor preparation, the use of the correct slope and professional installation of a high-quality drain will guarantee satisfaction with the obtained result.

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