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The ProECO philosophy incorporated by Deante
For most of us free access to running water is something natural so that we tend to treat this life-sustaining natural resource as an unlimited and widespread. We couldn’t be wrong more...

The climate changes, natural disasters, poverty, military conflicts, population growth and urbanization – all of these factors influence directly the constant decrease of drinking water resources.

Ekologiczna od najmłodszych lat
Ecological from the very beginning. Unfortunately already now about 1.3 billion people around the world do not have access to stable and safe drinking water source and until 2050 the number of those suffering from lack of drinking water can increase up to 7 billion. It is about time for everybody to realize that our everyday activities do have impact on this condition.

Deante ProECO is a philosophy that emerged from sense of responsibility for natural environment protection, but also as a response to economic needs of everyday life of our clients. Products designated with PROECO logo exhibit especially low water consumption, at the same time they guarantee highest possible efficiency and comfort. Nowadays, when prices increase, pace of life accompanied with ecological threats go up, it is reasonable to consider what is worth to save on, at the same time taking care about natural environment.

Thanks to cutting edge modern technology the "PROECO Products" by Deante allow for water savings of up to 50% during normal use.



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