Solids of Deante products in CAD Decor ...

Solids of Deante products in CAD Decor

2016-12-06 15:10:19

3D models of our products are available in programs such as CAD Decor PRO, CAD Kitchens and CAD Decor. We encourage interior architects to use Deante assortment in their arrangements in even easier and faster way!

Baza CadDecor Deante
The base of 3D files is a cross section of our entire offer. It includes more than 300 models of sink mixers and sinks, bathroom fittings, showers, shower cabins and doors, shower trays, linear drains and ceramics. Users can find there many novelties including colour Milin mixers, Aster mixers with pull-out spouts, Andante and Rapido granite sinks, Sinope and Prospero stainless steel sinks, concealed BOXes, chrome- white Hiacynt series and a rim-off Peonia toilet seat. Our newest 3D models will help you to create modern and made-to-measure arrangements.

CAD Decor is one of the most popular programs intended for spatial design. On the market there are available different versions of the software - apart from the CAD Decor you can use CAD Decor PRO and CAD Kitchen. Professional tools are aimed at professionals from the interior design industry: designers, architects, showrooms, furniture manufacturers, carpenter workshops and developers.

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