Technical advice

  1. New effective products for sink care

    Thanks to the use of special products we can keep our sink in ideal state for years. We would like to offer you a new kind of paste for cleaning and a preparation for impregnation of the sink.

  2. START/STOP Aerator - save water with just one touch

    How much does it take to reduce the daily use of water by nearly 50%? Just make one move and touch the START/STOP Aerator button. No soiling to the fittings and no microbial threat.

  3. Sink – how to make the right choice?

    When working in the kitchen, we primarily care about the cleanliness of the environment in which we prepare meals and the ergonomics of their preparation. To ensure proper working conditions, we need a suitable sink.

  4. Alpinia - quality and ergonomics for years

    The long-term and failure-free operation of water fixture is influenced by several factors.The most important ones are high-quality components and best-quality materials which we have used in Alpinia series.

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