The Mokko shower cabin – a smart style ...

The Mokko shower cabin – a smart style bathroom

2021-06-21 12:49:30

Modern design combines high-quality materials, innovative technologies and solutions that make it easier for their users to perform their daily activities.

That is the exact design which describes the new product in Deante’s offer – the Mokko shower cabin. It does not only look attractive but, with its minimalist design, it fits perfectly into modern arrangements of bathing salons.

Kabina Mokko

Wieszak_w_kabinie Mokko

The Mokko cabin is a convenient walk-in type shower cabin – without doors and with the most simplified design. Its main feature, and at the same time a solution which stands out from the other cabins available on the market, is the glass cutout in the shape of hangers, allowing for up to 3 towels to be hung on it. Because of that, the users do not have to worry about mounting additional accessories, which could potentially disturb the minimalist look of the bathroom. Additionally, your towels and bathrobes will always be at hand.

The Mokko shower cabin can be mounted in a classic way – with a shower tray, as well as in a simplified way – without shower tray and on the floor for the elegant look and maximum comfort of use and cleaning. In the latter version, the cabin is most attractive when combined with Deante’s slot drain, that is equally easy to clean and install.

Kabina Mokko Nero

The cabin is available in two types of finishclassic, universal chrome and minimalist, raw black, which best fits Scandinavian and industrial style bathrooms.



The cabin is offered in two, practical sizes: 90 x 200 and 100 x 200. It is made of 8mm tempered glass, covered with the Active Cover surface, which prevents water drops and dirt from accumulating on the surface. As a result, no limescale is deposited inside the shower cabin and no stains are formed. For an even better effect and easier cleaning, Deante also offers a special protective agent - Active Cover Plus, which perfectly harmonizes with the applied coating, extending and improving its lifecycle.

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