Traditional ceramic washbasin or modern ...

Traditional ceramic washbasin or modern granite?

2021-03-29 17:26:47

Choosing between tradition and modernity is not always easy. Such a dilemma arises in particular while arranging bathrooms, in the context of interior design and the materials used, for example, when selecting a washbasin. What if both ceramic and granite washbasins have their advantages and may boast about high-quality workmanship? We have the answer to that.

Ceramics, meaning tradition...

In the portfolio of bathroom equipment you will find a wide range of ceramic washbasins in various colours. This is excellent evidence that they have become a permanent part of the bathroom canon and offer a number of advantages


Umywalka Miran

... and modernity, that is granite

And although it might seem that in view of the phenomenon and the long reign of washbasins made of ceramics, there is nothing better than them; washbasins made of granite are more and more frequently appearing in bathrooms.


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Which type of wash basin to choose?

In favour of traditional ceramic washbasins speaks the ease of cleaning, universal design that is suitable for every interior, and a very wide array of possibilities. This solution is so popular that you can choose from a huge variety of designs, shapes, sizes and even colours. With such a rich selection, ceramic washbasins are affordable, which is their key competitive advantage. The strengths of this material include resistance to limescale deposits and irritating agents.


Granite washbasins are extremely durable, as granite is resistant to moisture, staining or impact, and does not absorb odours. The surface of granite washbasins is smooth and pleasant to the touch. However, the biggest advantage that distinguishes it from classic ceramics is its stunning appearance. It is hard to resist the impression that granite washbasins are perfect for interiors to which we want to add a luxurious, noble touch - because they are not a background, but a distinctive accent and an element of decor!

Tradition or modernity?

However, there is no universal answer to the question of which material is better to bet on when choosing a washbasin. Traditional, ceramic washbasins have many advantages, which make them hard to cross out. Nevertheless, it is impossible to ignore the charm and class of products made of granite, which are becoming increasingly popular on the market. If, above all, you value such features as universality or affordability, choose a ceramic washbasin, while if you value unique design and high durability - granite products are just right for you.

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