Tray drains - minimalism and convenience ...

Tray drains - minimalism and convenience in shower

2019-11-13 15:17:23

Can pristine look and comfort of use be combined together? Of course, they can, especially in case of Deante tray drains. This minimalistic solution is able to give the interior a modern look, at the same time making it functional.

Odpływ liniowy Deante
Odpływ liniowy Deante
Minimalistic style is still a very strong tendency in interior design, providing a well-tasted simplicity. Therefore tray drains match it perfectly, allowing to get a pristine look of arranged rooms. Those, who wish to make the bathroom design uniform by cutting down on textures and colours won't be disappointed – installation of tray drains allows keeping a uniform floor surface, covered with the same kind of flooring, in the entire room. Tray drain is installed instead of a shower tray, what enables shower cabin to be custom sized and shaped. Bathing space with tray drain installed is easy to clean, and moreover very comfortable. Thanks to proper levelling between wet and dry zones, this solution suits children, elderly and handicapped persons.

Deante tray drains are fitted in different models – with full grate to be mounted underneath tiles and patterned, as well as in different lengths – 70, 80 and 100 cm. Products made of high quality stainless steel are additionally equipped with levelling legs and hooks, facilitating removal of grate covers, making it easier to clean and maintain the drain. All new products are fitted with 90 mm high traps made in Great Britain with capacity of 50 litres per minute. One of the conveniences is presence of additional holes in vertical walls of grate cover to improve the water runoff.

Tray drains will not only look nice, but also operate problem-free, if installed properly. For this reason an experienced professional should be employed.

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