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Flexible form and soft shape are reminiscent of the classic tube, but the modern design and original solutions make the collection go beyond the usual schemes. What distinguishes the Silia collection is the COMPLEMENTARY NATURE of the offer. The collection includes BATHROOM FITTINGS, CERAMICS AND BATHROOM ACCESSORIES, which perfectly emphasise the style and consistency of the entire series.


With its simplicity and wide range of colours, the entire series is extremely sophisticated. Discover the matte finishes of the mixers in BRUSHED STEEL, BRUSHED GOLD, TITANIUM AND NERO.

Anna Słowińska-Owczarek
Katarzyna Łogwinienko
Designer of the Silia series


The Silia mixers are a reinterpretation of one of the most classic models in the history of bathroom fittings. The entire series is based on the shape of a curved tube, making the mixers STREAMLINED AND ROUNDED.


Bathroom interiors gain a new quality with Silia mixers. Their unique design not only adds to the style, but also influences the FUNCTIONALITY AND COMFORT OF USE. Each mixer has been carefully designed to provide users with comfort and pleasure during their daily bathroom activities.


The Silia rain showers are a MODERN MASTERPIECE that adds a luxurious and relaxing touch to the bathroom. Using the same inspiration as the Silia mixers, these rain showers bring an extraordinary bathing experience to the bathroom space.

toilet and
bidet area

The Silia toilet and bidet are characterised by their sophisticated style and precise workmanship. Their streamlined and rounded shapes give them a softness and gentleness, while adding a touch of modernity. Each piece has been designed WITH ATTENTION TO THE SMALLEST DETAILS to ensure not only an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also high functionality.


The Silia accessory collection is the PERFECT COMPLEMENT to the Silia mixers, rain showers, and Silia toilet and bidet area. Offering both functionality and aesthetics, these accessories add a sophisticated and cohesive look to the entire bathroom.