Series : Prime Bicolor

1-bowl granite sink with drainer

Where to buy?

Available options:

860 mm
500 mm
220 mm
For cabinet
600 mm
Sink model
1 bowl
Pop-up waste

Features of the selected product

  • gwarancja_2.jpgGuarantee 2 years*
  • wyprodukowany_pl.jpgMade in Poland
  • produkt_projektowany.jpgDesigned product
  • zlewozmywak_2.jpgResistant to impacts
  • zlewozmywak_3.jpgResistant to high temperature (250°C)
  • zlewozmywak_4.jpgResistant to thermal shock
  • zlewozmywak_5.jpgResistant to stains
  • antyseptyczne.jpgAntiseptic properties
  • zlewozmywak_6.jpgPop-up waste
  • zlewozmywak_7.jpgOverflow in bowl
  • zlewozmywak_9.jpgFactory made holes for mixer
  • zlewozmywak_10.jpgConnection to dish-washer
  • zlewozmywak_18.jpgSpace-saving siphon
  • zlewozmywak_15.jpgInset sink
  • zlewozmywak_20.jpgRepeals water particles

Product description

Granite fusion - first, innovative combination of two colors


The new Prime Bicolor sink is the first such innovative and surprising combination of two natural shades of granite. A choice of three fashionable finishes: alabaster white, graphite black and concrete gray – in various configurations.

Significant distinguishing features are hydrophobicity and antibacterial properties - important for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen. Prime Bicolor sinks are durable, resistant to scratches, impacts and temperatures up to 280°C. The set includes a ready-to-install Space Saver waste kit, which allows for efficient use of space in the cabinet under the sink. It is worth noting that all Deante granite sinks are designed and produced entirely in Poland.

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