Reality beyond expectations

sink that surprises with its functionality

The new range offers functionality not available in standard products, dressed in a modern and durable form. The attractive power of magnets allows you to organise your sink space with practical accessories. This brings using it to a whole new level, whether you are a cooking enthusiast and spend a lot of time in the kitchen or mainly eat out. Designed by Katarzyna Łogwinienko and Magdalena Paszkowska, the sink impresses not only with its ergonomics, but also with its unusual appearance. Magnetic will shine like a star in your kitchen.

Magnetic sinks are an ideal solution for kitchens open to the living room. The available accessories make it possible to "hide" sponges, cloths or other kitchen utensils inside them. This is made possible by steel hooks and rails compatible with the sink, adapted to be hung on the edge of the sink. By placing a sponge or kitchen cloth and separating them from other objects, they increase the hygiene of kitchen work. Baskets mounted on the side shelf provide practical storage space for kitchen utensils. All accessories are easy to install and remove, which facilitates daily cleaning.

The Magnetic collection received the Złota Villa 2021 and Dobry Design 2022 awards.

with potential

Sink accessories

Magnetic organiser

An aesthetically pleasing organiser will adorn every model of the Magnetic sink and allow you to organise your washing up accessories. The whole set has been made of stainless steel. You can choose between three finishes: brushed steel, bianco and nero.

Railing for washcloth

Hanging on the rim of the sink, the railing is a practical solution that allows you to organise the space for washing dishes. Easy mounting and removal of the product will make cleaning the sink easier.

Sponge hook

A sponge placed on the hook does not come into contact with other objects, which increases hygiene of everyday kitchen works and saves valuable space on the worktop or the sink.

Multi-dimensional design

various needs - many solutions

The Magnetic series is a proposal that opens your kitchen to many possibilities - the available sizes and colours of the sinks allow you to choose the right configuration for your individual needs. Different variants of bowls, which are all reversible, practical shelves that increase the functionality of the sinks and diversified colours of accessories fit in with the trends in interior design.

stainless steel accessories available in three colours - brushed steel, bianco and nero, allowing you to create both toned down and contrasting compositions

four model configurations, each available in five colours - alabaster, metallic grey, anthracite, dark graphite and black

The Magnetic collection was awarded the 2022 Diament Meblarstwa award.

Functional design

Granite sinks of the Magnetic series combine all the qualities expected from this type of equipment. They are hydrophobic - they repel water particles, do not absorb odours, have antiseptic properties, are resistant to staining, impact, high temperature and thermal shock. They are created both for everyday kitchen activities and for special tasks, guaranteeing durability of form, functionality and appearance, so important in modern interior design.