1. The Mokko shower cabin – a smart style bathroom


    Modern design combines high-quality materials, innovative technologies and solutions that make it easier for their users to perform their daily activities.

  2. Linear drains. Reliability and elegance


    Modern linear drains – which one should you choose and what to pay attention to? Check available options and find out about the advantages of the new linear drains in our offer.

  3. Jasmin fittings - subtlety in a modern style


    The Jasmin collection of fittings is a proposal that combines delicate shapes with traditional forms and a pinch of modernity. Available in both a classic glossy chrome finish and a striking matte black, the range offers a wide array of functional bathroom taps, thanks to which you can be sure that all elements of your bathroom décor will match perfectly.

  4. Retro-style kitchen? It’s simple with Tamizo!


    The retro-style kitchen evokes associations with a family atmosphere, wonderful smells and the taste of grandma's dishes. The idyllic atmosphere and fond memories of the past are reflected in retro arrangements. Kitchens in this style combine sentiment to bygone eras with functional, modern solutions. Retro style is a casual elegance, mixed with lightness and joy.

  5. Granite sinks „Magnetic” – extraordinary power of attraction


    The Magnetic collection is a line of granite sinks with magnetic properties. Although this solution is not visible to users at first sight, it opens a whole range of new functionalities and allows for the arrangement of a modern kitchen at its finest.

  6. 18-year warranty on granite sinks!


    From 18.05.2021 the warranty period for all Granite Sinks will change. Any product in this category purchased after 18 May will have an 18 year warranty!

  7. Traditional ceramic washbasin or modern granite?


    Choosing between tradition and modernity is not always easy. Such a dilemma arises in particular while arranging bathrooms, in the context of interior design and the materials used, for example, when selecting a washbasin. What if both ceramic and granite washbasins have their advantages and may boast about high-quality workmanship? We have the answer to that.

  8. Geometry in the bathroom - Anemon Bis


    The simple, geometric form based on squares and rectangles will appeal to people who appreciate modernist style. The shape of the Anemon and Anemon Bis fittings has been created for interiors arranged in this very way. The cubist form not only looks great but also fulfills its most important task in the bathroom - it is extremely functional.

  9. "Must have" for the bathroom, in other words - novelties among showers


    The most important element of a beautiful and comfortable bathroom is a well-arranged shower. Our shower novelties will help arrange this area. Arnika Titanium and Jasmin Nero showers will appeal to the lovers of modern style.

  10. Collection of Anemon Bis bathroom fittings - a new version of a popular classic


    The best hits just beg for an encore. That is why one of the most popular collections of bathroom taps offered by Deante - the Anemon series - is now entering the stage in a new, refreshed, and updated version - Anemon Bis. What kind of changes has this extremely popular collection of bathroom taps, present in the offer since 2014, undergone, and what new features does Deante offer to lovers of modern, geometric shapes in interiors? Just take a look!

  11. Beauty enchanted in symmetry - the Correo collection


  12. Advantages of coloured ceramics


    We have become accustomed to thinking that bathrooms and their equipment should be white. The colour can appear in various forms - from the most commonly chosen sanitary ceramics to washbasins and shower trays. White is very popular, but the commitment to tradition seems to be waning in recent years. In 2020, colours entered the bathroom for good.

  13. How to arrange a trendy bathroom in 2021?


    In 2020, interiors were dominated by balanced colours and simple, geometric shapes. The upcoming season does not foresee any dramatic changes, but there are many indications that this year's trends will all be about cosy, stimulating space - the colours of earth, water, and blooming flowers. How to arrange a trendy bathroom in 2021? We will give you a hint!

  14. Deante is PROECO – for the future of our planet


    Although our planet is in increasingly bad shape, we can still reverse the situation by making a joint effort. Much depends on whether we become aware of its seriousness and change our daily habits. And there are lots of simple ways to save the Earth. These are often small but necessary steps. In our opinion, the responsibility for the first step lies not with the final recipients of goods or services but with producers, companies, and service providers. That is why at Deante, we are constantly looking for ways to implement new solutions based on PROECO philosophy. We want our products to be friendly not only for the user but also for the environment.

  15. Arnika titanium-the-shapes of nature and the colour of the earth


    Harmonious, delicate, minimalist... and above all beautiful and intriguing - this is what Arnika line inspired by Danish hygge and love for... nature is. This well-known and prised series of taps by Deante has just gained a new version of finish - the majestic Titanium. We guarantee that you will not walk past it indifferently!

  16. The Temisto collection – inspirational, glamorous, unique


    At first, you think: loft style. But the closer you look, the more details you see.

  17. More and more Deante products available in BIM technology!


    We have another novelty for architects and interior designers.

  18. Tray drains - minimalism and convenience in shower


    Can pristine look and comfort of use be combined together? Of course, they can, especially in case of Deante tray drains. This minimalistic solution is able to give the interior a modern look, at the same time making it functional.

  19. Black shower cabins- an element of a bathroom with a loft character


    The loft trend, derived from the adaptation of old factories to residential buildings, stormed into many spaces. Slightly stark, characterized by simplicity and functionality, it has found many amateurs. Black Deante shower cabins fit in this stylization. How? Here are a few ideas for their usage.

  20. The new logo - another step forward


    At the end of September 2019, on the eve of the Warsaw Home Trade Show, Deante - the Polish brand of bathroom and kitchen equipment- presented a new visual identity. Wiktor Kołysko, marketing manager, talks about the inspiration for this change and its consequences.

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