1. Deante at The Big 5 Qatar in September!


    From September 24th Doha, the capital of Qatar, will host The Big 5 – one of the leading events of the construction sector in the Middle East.

  2. Alpinia - quality and ergonomics for years


    The long-term and failure-free operation of water fixture is influenced by several factors.The most important ones are high-quality components and best-quality materials which we have used in Alpinia series.

  3. Capella- a collection of innovative glass sinks


    Glass permanently entered into our interiors and that is why we have decided to use it in an untypical way. A collection of hybrid Capella glass sinks is a combination of modern glass with elegant granite. The series focuses attention by its modern printings as well as by its colors- minimalist white and deep black.

  4. Solids of Deante products in CAD Decor


    3D models of our products are available in programs such as CAD Decor PRO, CAD Kitchens and CAD Decor. We encourage interior architects to use Deante assortment in their arrangements in even easier and faster way!

  5. Hiacynt collection in a noble black


    Specially for those who follow the latest trends in interior design, we have prepared a new color scheme for the designed Hiacynt collection. The series is now available in a trendy black finishing, accented by chrome elements.

  6. Premiere- we introduce you the concealed BOXes


    Our offer for bathroom products has been supplemented by modern concealed BOXes. The assortment consists of mixing and thermostatic variants and various chrome-plated external elements in different shapes. To facilitate the search for specific information, we have prepared rich instructional and promotional materials.

  7. White and chrome- the latest variation of Anemon


    How to make your bathroom a place of a unique character? Just use a distinct accent that catches attention and adds elegance. The Anemon mixers, in their newest finishing, will work perfectly in this role.

  8. Bathroom electronics - our new sensor mixer


    How to combine ecology with saving and functionality? Simply choose the latest product of our brand.

  9. Water massage with Multi-System shower panel


    How to get rid of the stress accumulated throughout the day? A short shower will help you to relax, while a longer bath will improve your skin condition and bring relief to tensed muscles. Change an ordinary bath to a beneficial ritual with Multi-System shower panel.

  10. Peonia ZERO - cleanliness and comfort without rims


    Difficult to remove dirt and germs accumulated in the corners are a nightmare for those who want to keep their house sparkling clean. Thanks to Peonia ZERO- our latest rim-off toilet seat- maintaining cleanliness is much easier.

  11. Gardenia washbasin - a delicate flower in a ceramic form


    Our latest product attracts attention with its interesting shape, resembling an elegant bowl. Rounded shapes, ideally balanced proportions and high quality are the characteristics of Gardenia washbasin.

  12. Jaskier- a universal shower column for bathtubs and shower cabins


    How to improve the functionality of a bathtub and a shower cabin? Simply choose our new product- Jaskier shower column- one of the few models on Polish market dedicated to both lovers of showers and fans of baths in a fragrant foam.

  13. Mixer with a pull-out spout to match you and your kitchen!


    Cooking and cleaning your kitchen takes a large portion of the time intended for housework. What to do to perform daily work faster and more efficiently? It is enough to install a Deante mixer with a pull-out spout, whose functionality you may see in our latest spot.

  14. One product - three solutions


    Concealed products are highly popular in Polish bathrooms. Therefore we have expanded our range of products with a device that offers many possibilities. Our all-purpose diverter, in conjunction with any concealed sink tap allows the use of up to three sources of water flow.

  15. Steel classic design for kitchens


    Maredo sinks are is our new range for classic design and functionality lovers. Various models, convenient size, and two types of finishes is an answer to the users' diverse needs.

  16. Corda-granite minimalism


    Modern kitchens, where cabinets have no visible rims, hollows or grooves is currently a strong trend in interior design. This effect can be achieved with our latest range - an elegant collection of Corda under-counter compartments made of fine granite.

  17. Prospero and Sinope – steel elegance from Deante


    How do you arrange a minimalist, uncluttered kitchen interior? You should go for modern design and top quality workmanship. That is exactly what Prospero and Sinope steel sinks have. Our exclusive collections let you create a harmonious arrangement thanks to the possibility to flush mount.

  18. Anemon and Cynia - fully flush-mounted


    Geometric shapes, pure lines and minimalist blocks are the signs of a well-designed bathroom which will remain state-of-the-art for many years. The timeless nature of the arrangement is guaranteed by the flush-mounted elements in the shower area. Anemon and Cynia are new and let you create your dream bathroom.

  19. Singin' in the rain with Mak and Floks


    And what about starting and ending every day with a cheerful song, like Gene Kelly’s "I'm Singin' in the Rain"? Our latest products will put you in a good mood during your everyday ablutions. We present the Mak and Floks sprinklers.

  20. Vital - ceramics without frontiers


    Everyday use of the bathroom or toilet should not cause the average person any problems. People with motor disfunctions are painfully aware of any discomfort, however. This is why we have introduced Vital ceramics to the range, to improve the comfort of bathroom usage for the most demanding group.

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