Ecological packaging

As a company that cares for the environment, Deante is perfectly aware of how much companies can do to protect the environment on a global level. The best evidence of the brand's commitment to protecting our planet are pro-environmental solutions that we implement on an ongoing basis within the framework of the company's ProEco philosophy.
In addition to the technological solutions implemented over the years to reduce water consumption, in 2020 we introduced a completely new, environmentally friendly packaging standard, which minimises the use of plastics and involves the use of environmentally friendly materials, with a design that increases the safety of the shipment.
What does this mean in practice? Aware of the fact that the plastic packaging market accounts for 39.6% of European plastic demand and is the sector that contributes the most to the production of over 50 million tonnes of plastic per year in Europe* alone, we have reduced the presence of plastics in the filling and interior stiffening elements of packages. We rely on cardboard, which is now becoming the leading material used in the packaging sector, and our boxes are made of clear, uncoated cardboard with a single-colour print. We also attempt to use FSC-certified cartons with printing done with water-based inks wherever possible. We have combined our ecological approach to materials with innovative design solutions for our packaging. Many months of tests in our laboratories and transport tests have enabled us to adapt our packaging to the rapidly growing e-commerce market.
We are proud of the fact that Deante was one of the first brands in the bathroom industry to give up plastic and its derivatives in packaging, and the change in the way of packaging products is not only support for the global fight against plastic but also a tribute to our customers. We know that they are increasingly aware of the problem of environmental pollution and are willing to take eco-friendly actions. We believe that together we can do more and we hope that our customers will appreciate our efforts.
Think globally, act locally? Remember that cardboard boxes can be reused! The clever design of our boxes is ideal for use when you're moving house and the boxes can be used as TV or flower stands. Small sizes are perfect for storing receipts, organising drawers and even plant containers. The large sized packs are an idea for a creative cat house or a great idea to play with your child in building cities and castles. Because nothing makes you happier than home-grown, organic herbs or vegetables. Our packaging is eco-friendly, durable and safe. Upcycling is in vogue and costs nothing!
*source: raport ‘Plastics – the Facts 2020 An analysis of European plastics production, demand and waste data’ opublikowany przez PlasticsEurope i EPRO (European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organisations)
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