Sensor taps


Sensor taps


The sensor is placed in the spout and not, as is usually the case, in the body. This solution makes it easier to use the faucet without unnecessary additional movements and also speeds up the shut-off of the water stream, reducing its consumption.

The advantages of sensor (touchless) technology

Sensor technology guarantees optimised water consumption. The faucet is operated without touching - all you have to do is place your hands within the range of the sensor located in the spout, which causes the water to flow automatically and turns it off when you move your hands away. This ensures a high standard of hygiene as it eliminates the need for the user to use the handle.


The body of the mixer is made of the highest quality brass, ensuring a long mixer life. It is a recyclable material which can be reused. The battery comes in an eco-friendly packaging: biodegradable and environmentally friendly.


The touchless faucet guarantees optimised daily water consumption. The water starts flowing as soon as you place your hands within the sensor's reach and stops as soon as you move them away. As a result, during the recommended 30-second hand wash, the water consumption is only approx. 12 seconds.


The Hyacinth mixer is operated without touch. This type of solution is a guarantee of hygiene because there is no need to use a handle. Moreover, the mixer is certified by the National Institute of Public Health - National Institute of Hygiene.

Which model to choose?

Choose the sensor tap model that suits your needs and installation possibilities. Consider the following factors:

  • Temperature control - For private use we recommend mixers with a temperature control knob on the body of the mixer. Non-adjustable models are more suitable for facilities where the water temperature is set for the entire installation.
  • Power supply - you can choose between the models connected to 230/6V power supply or the battery-powered versions (6xAA).
  • Colour - depending on your preferences and bathroom arrangement, the offer includes classic chrome or elegant black matt (nero).
The sensor washbasin mixer comes from the Hiacynt collection. This series was designed by Małgorzata Petelicka with attention to every detail. It combines modern design with a touch of timelessness. The series is characterised by its dynamic form, with soaring arches balanced by straight planes. The collection is made of the best quality materials, ensuring long life of the products. Hiacynt sensor mixers are available in two finishes: in elegant shiny chrome and in striking matt black. See collection