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Shower hose - 150 cm

Product code: XDCT0VFL0
  • Finish: brass
  • Length [mm]: 1500
  • Braid type: double braided
  • Braid material: stainless steel
  • Anti-twist system, preventing the hose from twisting
  • The set includes an orifice reducing the flow of water
  • Durable hose ends made of brass
  • Innovative and durable brass color coating

Anti-twist system, preventing the hose from twisting

Anti-Twist is a system that prevents the end of the shower hose from twisting during its use, which significantly affects the comfort of showering. Forget about the need to constantly undo it and losing time. What's more, the Anti-Twist system increases the durability and reliability of the product.

Innovative and durable brass color coating

The brass, matte-gold surface of Deante fittings is the result of the use of innovative technology. It is a combination of retro style and modernity. The surface structure is durable and easy to clean, because the fingerprints do not remain on the brass coating. The brass gives the room an unusual character and unique appearance.

Product specification
Files to download
Warranty [years] 2
EAN 5908212082553
Product code XDCT0VFL0
Finish brass
Length [mm] 1500
Braid type double braided
Braid material stainless steel
Tip material brass
end at the faucet - type conical
Dimension 1/2''
end at the shower hand - type conical
Dimension 1/2''
Water flow reduction [l/min] 6
Anti-twist 2
Product specification
Files to download
File typeFile nameExtensionDownload
Instructionkonserwacja_natryski_conservation_showers_manual.pdfpdf Download
Instructionpielęgnacja_powierzchni_armatura_natryski_surface_care_for_fittings_manual.pdfpdf Download
Hygienic CertificateAtest-PZH-Wyroby-pomocnicze-i-akcesoria.pdfpdf Download
Warranty cardpdf Download
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