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Concealed shower set, with mixer BOX - with a small shower head

Product code: BXYZRQSM
  • Finish: brushed gold
  • Mixer type: Concealed BOX
  • Installation method: concealed
  • Noble form and timeless simplicity
  • Optimal cone-shaped water flow
  • Convenient installation - you can install the BOX now and choose external elements at any time
  • Timelessness and unlimited creative possibilities
  • Complementarity and comprehensiveness of the offer
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Noble form and timeless simplicity

Silia mixers are a reinterpretation of one of the most classic models in the history of bathroom taps. The entire series is based on the shape of a pipe bent into arches, thanks to which the products are streamlined and rounded. Thanks to its simplicity and wide range of colors, the whole series is extremely refined. They can be used by fans of minimalist bathrooms as well as those in more expressive styles, such as Gentle Loft, Japandi or Art. Deco.

Optimal cone-shaped water flow

Despite the small cartidge, the stream takes the shape of a cone and has an optimal intensity. It can be used for a pleasant massage, and it takes just a moment to rinse long hair. The small cartidge compared to the traditional ones is extremely durable and easy to keep clean.

Convenient installation - you can install the BOX now and choose external elements at any time

You gain access to the internal mechanism of Box, even after the installation is complete. The lockable casing protects the mixer mechanism during construction works.

Timelessness and unlimited creative possibilities

The universal construction of the BOX allows you to replace the classic mixer tap with a thermostatic one at any time and vice versa. In the future, you can easily change the arrangement by replacing external elements.

Complementarity and comprehensiveness of the offer

You can easily match bathroom faucets from the same series and complementary products to the external components of the BOX - rosettes and levers.

The best materials guarantee durability and reliability of the product

All elements are made of high-quality materials: brass with the best properties and high-quality plastic.

Innovative and easy to maintain brushed gold coating

Brushed gold is the perfect compromise between shine and matte. The delicate texture emphasizes the boldness of the lines, making the product look more noble. Moreover, such products are easier to keep clean. The brushed gold finish perfectly suits both glamorous and more retro interiors. The subdued glow creates a feeling of warmth and coziness.

Cool-out hand shower

The innovative design of the handset means that despite the flow of very hot water, the handset handle does not heat up. The internal element insulates heat, protecting against possible burns and increasing the convenience of use. Thanks to this, the product is completely safe.

Dedicated cleaning agent, safe for cleaned surfaces

The use of dedicated agents means that the surfaces do not deteriorate and remain smooth for long, facilitating another cleaning. A specially selected composition removes the most common dirt very effectively. On the other hand, the preparations are mild for a given type of surface (metal, granite, ceramics and others), without entering into chemical reactions with them. The preparations are biodegradable and thus harmless for the environment. With Deante cleaning products, keeping things in order will be very easy!

Flush-mounted installation ensures the aesthetics of the bathroom

The main advantages of concealed mounting are aesthetic appearance, ease of keeping the bathroom clean and hiding installation components, which are also not exposed to mechanical damage. Solutions of this type will also work in small bathrooms, where every centimeter counts. When installing a concealed system, only decorative wall-mounted elements remain visible, and the bathroom is functional, effective and fits in a fashionable minimalist style.

Anti-twist system, preventing the hose from twisting

Anti-Twist is a system that prevents the end of the shower hose from twisting during its use, which significantly affects the comfort of showering. Forget about the need to constantly undo it and losing time. What's more, the Anti-Twist system increases the durability and reliability of the product.

Adjustable shower hand angle

The rain shower has a movable hand shower holder, thanks to which we can adjust the angle of the shower head.

Product specification
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Series SILIA
Designed product Yes
Designer Katarzyna Łogwinienko
Warranty [years] 7
EAN 5907650844747
Product code BXYZRQSM
Mixer type Concealed BOX
Installation method concealed
Range of shower/ bath spout [mm] 382
Shower overhead
Shape round
Material brass
thickness 42
Diameter [mm] 42
Anti-calc yes
Number of functions 1
Stream type rain
Hand shower
Number of functions 1
Anti-calc yes
Stream type rain
Additional features cool-out
Angled hose connector
Finish brushed gold
Connection type for the hose with hand shower holder
Shape round
Material brass, stainless steel
Connection thread yes
Concealed mounting yes
Product specification
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Technical drawingNQS_X57K.PDFPDF Download
Technical drawingNQS_X51S.PDFPDF Download
Technical drawingNQS_X41K.PDFPDF Download
Technical drawingNQS_X30K.PDFPDF Download
Technical drawingBXY_X44M.pdfpdf Download
Technical drawingBXY_XQSM.PDFPDF Download
Technical drawingBXYZXQSM.pdfpdf Download
Declaration of performanceBMIX/D5/2020pdf Download
Hygienic CertificateATEST PZH BATERIE I NATRYSKI 23.11.13_68.pdfpdf Download
3D modelBXY_XQSM.3ds3ds Download
3D modelBXY_XQSM.dxfdxf Download
3D modelBXY_XQSM.objobj Download
3D modelNQS_X51S.3DS3DS Download
3D modelNQS_X51S.dxfdxf Download
3D modelNQS_X51S.objobj Download
3D modelNQS_X30K.3DS3DS Download
3D modelNQS_X30K.dxfdxf Download
3D modelNQS_X30K.objobj Download
3D modelNQS_X41K.3DS3DS Download
3D modelNQS_X41K.dxfdxf Download
3D modelNQS_X41K.objobj Download
3D modelNQS_X57K.3DS3DS Download
3D modelNQS_X57K.dxfdxf Download
3D modelNQS_X57K.objobj Download
Warranty cardpdf Download
Product specification
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