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Concealed shower set

Product code: NAC_09GA
  • Finish: chrome
  • Mixer type: single-handle, mixer
  • Installation method: concealed
  • Steel bar
  • Only the best materials, the quality of which has been confirmed by laboratory tests
  • Anti-calc hand shower
  • Adjustable spacing of the fasteners, for easy bar installation on existing holes
  • Increased stretch hose
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Anti-calc hand shower

Silicone tabs prevent limescale build-up and thus extend the durability and reliability of the shower head. Just wipe them with your finger and scale deposits disappear in the blink of an eye.

Adjustable spacing of the fasteners, for easy bar installation on existing holes

The system of adjustable bar mounts definitely facilitates installation. This is a practical solution also when replacing a older model with a new one. Regardless of the previous span, you can use existing holes. This eliminates the necessity to cover unused holes and drill new ones. The result of the bar replacement is quick, hassle-free and stress-free.

Flush-mounted installation ensures the aesthetics of the bathroom

The main advantages of concealed mounting are aesthetic appearance, ease of keeping the bathroom clean and hiding installation components, which are also not exposed to mechanical damage. Solutions of this type will also work in small bathrooms, where every centimeter counts. When installing a concealed system, only decorative wall-mounted elements remain visible, and the bathroom is functional, effective and fits in a fashionable minimalist style.

Anti-calc system facilitating the removal of limescale deposits

The innovative Anti-Calc system extends the life of the product, guarantees reliability of operation and significantly facilitates cleaning. Limescale deposits accumulating at a water outlet is a completely normal thing, the result of which is decreased aesthetics after some time. To restore the original appearance, you usually need persistent scrubbing and special detergents. Thanks to Anti-Calc silicone nozzles, you can say goodbye to tedious cleaning. Limescale is very easy to remove during a daily bath or shower. Just wipe gently with a sponge or simply with your fingers, and the handset will look as new. Individual nozzles are replaceable, and in the set you will always find a few spare pieces. We recommend systematic removal of sediment from the nozzles.

The offer includes a cleaning agent for fixtures in all colors

The agent is intended for taps in all finishes. Thanks to its special formula, it does not leave streaks, scratches or matting on the cleaned products. The preparation is perfect for the care of demanding black fittings, preserving its original appearance for many years.

Product specification
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Series TUBO
Warranty [years] 7
EAN 5907650858225
Product code NAC_09GA
Mixer type single-handle, mixer
Installation method concealed
Flow class [l/min] S - 15.1-19.8 l/min
Acoustic group [dB] II (20 < x ≤ 30)
Spout type still
Range of shower/ bath spout [mm] 400
Shower overhead
Shape round
Material ABS
thickness 80
Diameter [mm] 200
Anti-calc yes
Number of functions 2
Stream type rain, hydromassage
Hand shower
Number of functions 5
Anti-calc yes
Stream type rain, hydromassage, soft, 2 x mixed
Length [mm] 1500
Braid type double braided, extensible
Braid material stainless steel
Angled hose connector
Finish chrome
Connection type for hose
Shape round
Material brass
Connection thread yes
Concealed mounting yes
Adjustable spacing yes
Product specification
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Technical drawingNGV_051K.pdfpdf Download
Technical drawingNAC_054K.pdfpdf Download
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Technical drawingNAC_03EK.pdfpdf Download
Technical drawingBGA_044P.pdfpdf Download
Technical drawingNAC_09GA.pdfpdf Download
Declaration of performanceN/MIESZ/2018pdf Download
Hygienic CertificateATEST PZH BATERIE I NATRYSKI 23.11.13_55.pdfpdf Download
3D modelNAC_045K.3ds3ds Download
3D modelNAC_045K.daedae Download
3D modelnac_045k.dwgdwg Download
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3D modelNAC_x54K.dxfdxf Download
3D modelNAC_x54K.objobj Download
3D modelNAC_x54K.stlstl Download
3D modelBGA_044P.skpskp Download
Warranty cardpdf Download
Product specification
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