Washbasin tap, contactless, without temperature control - 230/6V - BQH_N28V - Główne zdjęcie produktowe

Washbasin tap, contactless, without temperature control - 230/6V

Product code: BQH_N28V
  • Finish: nero
  • Mixer type: sensor
  • Installation method: standing
  • The mixer body is made of the highest quality brass
  • Contactless tap with a motion sensor
  • The mixer is equipped with a stream aerator
  • The movable aerator allows you to direct the water stream
  • 45 cm connection hoses included
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Sensor taps HIACYNT

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Contactless tap with a motion sensor

The sensor tap is primarily characterized by contactless operation. To run it, just bring your hand closer to the sensor. The flow is closed automatically after the hand is moved away. This solution ensures low water consumption, comfort of use and hygiene. When using them, you do not touch the handle, which makes it much easier to keep the product clean.

The mixer is equipped with a stream aerator

The tap is equipped with an aerator, thanks to which the water stream is perfectly aerated and soft. This solution improves the comfort of use, while limiting water consumption, which translates into lower utility bills. You are also contributing to taking care of our planet.

The movable aerator allows you to direct the water stream

The movable aerator allows you to direct the stream of water and aerates it at the same time. This translates into less use of this valuable resource, while maintaining the comfort of using the mixer.

Z flow class (4-9 l/min) allowing for water consumption reduction

The flow class with means that within a minute the tap flows between 4 and 9 liters of water. The stream is also comfortable to use, delicate and soft. This solution is ideal wherever you pay attention to ecological and economic responsibility - which also means your home!

The mixer is equipped with non-return valves so that the mixed water does not flow back into the installation

Backflow valves guarantee the correct operation of the fittings, and in thermostatic taps they also prevent water mixing in the pipes.

Innovative, durable and easy to clean Nero coating

The black, matte surface of Deante Nero fittings is the result of the use of innovative technology. Its special properties mean that there are no fingerprints on the tap. The surface structure is durable and easy to clean. To remove any dirt, just wipe the tap with a soft cloth. What's more, arranging the interior using a deep black fittings makes the colors surrounding it brighter, fuller and more expressive.

Modern design with a hint of timelessness

Hiacynt is an original collection designed with attention to detail. The author of the series, Małgorzata Płoskońska, managed to combine modern design with a hint of timelessness. Hiacynt mixers are like elegant and subtle jewelry for the home, whose shapes will add splendor to bathroom interiors. The series is characterized by a dynamic form - soaring arches balanced with straight planes.

The offer includes a cleaning agent for fixtures in all colors

The agent is intended for taps in all finishes. Thanks to its special formula, it does not leave streaks, scratches or matting on the cleaned products. The preparation is perfect for the care of demanding black fittings, preserving its original appearance for many years.

Product specification
Files to download
Designed product Yes
Designer Małgorzata Petelicka (Płoskońska)
Warranty [years] 7
EAN 5907650875178
Product code BQH_N28V
Finish nero
Mixer type sensor
Installation method standing
Flow class [l/min] Z - 4-9 l/min
Acoustic group [dB] I (x ≤ 20)
Check valves yes
Spout type still
Mixer spout range [mm] 111
Material brass
Aerator type swivel, flat
Aerator size M24
Connecting hose
Length [mm] 450
Installation thread 1/2''
Connection thread M8
Product specification
Files to download
File typeFile nameExtensionDownload
Technical drawingBQH_X28V.pdfpdf Download
InstructionBQH_028V_manual.pdfpdf Download
Declaration of performanceBSENRV/2020pdf Download
Hygienic CertificateAtest-PZH-Baterie.pdfpdf Download
3D modelBQH_N28V.3ds3ds Download
3D modelBQH_N28V.dxfdxf Download
3D modelBQH_N28V.objobj Download
3D modelBQH_x28V.skpskp Download
Warranty cardpdf Download
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